Our Services

Our Services

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Individually Priced Services
Will - $195
General Durable Power of Attorney - $95
Living Will - $95
Health Care Power of Attorney - $95
"Lady Bird" Deed or Warranty Deed or Other Deed - $100

Will Packages –Flat fee of $395 for a single person and $595 for a couple

What is included in the Will Package?

• Will – Simple wills distribute your property after your death, designate a guardian for your children, put someone in charge of managing your children's financial affairs, and select someone to act as the executor of your estate.
• General Power of Attorney – A general power of attorney is a document that appoints someone to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf. The person you designate is called an "attorney-in-fact."
• Advanced Healthcare Directives –

  • Living Will – This written document sets forth your wishes regarding end of life decisions, including topics such as resuscitation and end of life treatments. It also details treatments you don't want to receive. This document is primarily between you and your doctors, and it advises them how to approach your treatment.
  • Medical Power of Attorney – This document appoints the person(s) you want to make medical decisions for you in an emergency or if you are incapacitated. The person to whom you give durable power of attorney for healthcare can make decisions not covered by your living will.
Trust Packages – Simple Trust Packages start at $895 – Single or $995 – Couple
(Prices can go up depending on type of Trust)

What is included in the Simple Trust Package?
• Everything included in the Will Package
• Simple Trust - Trusts are generally created as a way to manage property, such as cash, investments, or real estate, and transfer it to someone else in the future. A trust is governed by the trust agreement, which is a contract between the Settlor (the person who creates the Trust with the assistance of an attorney) and the Trustee detailing the Settlor’s wishes and intentions. Questions about the management and distribution of the trust property, as well as the roles and duties of different people and entities involved, are usually answered by following the trust agreement’s instructions.

Student Package - Flat fee of $150 - Includes a Medical Care Power of Attorney plus a young adult/student version of a General Power of Attorney

We also offer: Probate Avoidance Planning, Special Needs Trusts, Medicaid Planning, Incorporations, and LLCs